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How are you sleeping?

Insomnia HelpThis is National Sleep Awareness Week and, I wonder, how are you sleeping?  We all need regular sleep but, for some of us it just seems like an impossible dream – pun intended.  There are broad types of sleeping problems:

1.  Unable to get to sleep – this is often because of an active mind and worries or problems keep running through your brain.  Or it could be because of problems with your adrenal system.  Recently I had started to have a strong coffee a day and, not only was it difficult to get to sleep but my heart was pumping so hard I thought it wanted to jump out of my chest!  I have cut out the coffee (and remember, it was just one a day), and all is well again.  Clearly one or two a week is my limit.

2.  Keep waking in the night – this is often caused by problems with your bladder if you need to go to the loo each time.  Another possiblity is the worrying mind keeping you awake.  Or issues with your blood sugar, especially if you eat too many refined foods and too much caffeine. 

3.  Wake up in the early hours and can't get back to sleep – the time you wake up is important as, according to Chinese Medicine principles, each time has a particular meaning in terms of mind and body.  For example, if you regularly wake up at 4am, this is an indication that there may be a problem with your lungs or your large intestine.  Or it may mean that there are emotional components to the insomnia with grief, negativity, apathy and melancholy being likely causes.

4.  Sleep heavily and still find it difficult to wake up even though you've had the recommended eight hours.  This can be because of eating too much of the wrong kind of foods (not enough healthy food and far too much refined foods).  This can cause "foggy brain" too, so if you find your mind is very sluggish in the morning, make sure you book a health consultation. 

Nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances can also affect your sleep.  Insomia can also be a symptom of a more serious problem such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME or a thyroid problem.  If you have any concerns, why not book a health consultation so that you can be sure you are doing all the right things?  In the meantime, do email me for my free insomnia tips at  You might also want to check out my Sleep Well MP3 to help lull you into restful sleep.

Sweet dreams!

PS  If you have a snoring partner keeping you awake, you might want to check out the Snoring blog I wrote recently.

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Tricia Woolfrey is an integrative therapist, an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, master practitioner in NLP, nutritionist and author, and utilises bioenergetics to help you be the best you can be.  She has practices in Surrey and Harley Street, London.  She can be reached on 0845 130 0854