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EFT Demonstration by Tricia Woolfrey & EFT Script Builder

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a recognised protocol to help you manage your emotions. Based on the premise that negative emotions arise from a disturbance or blockage in our body's energy systems, EFT is a form of energy psychology which uses the meridian points to manage symptoms, eliminate negative emotions, fears, anxieties and create a sense of calm resourcefulness. It can also be used to improve wellbeing. There are three main ways it can be used:

1. To prepare for an event
2. To reduce negtive emotions after an event
3. As daily maintenance for general wellbeing

It consists of tapping specific points of the body whilst repeating a particular phrase appropriate to the problem you are experiencing. It is very important to tap in the right place and to use a phrase which is specific to the problem you are experiencing.

Watch this video for a demonstration

After watching Tricia’s video, why not try this for yourself. Remember, you are tapping out negative emotions. We know that remembering what to say and when is the most difficult part of EFT, so we have developed a Phrase Builder to make this easier for you.  For your exclusive access to this tool, simply enter your name and email address followed by your “how I feel" phrase below and press “Create my own EFT script.”  Print your newly created, personalised script and use whenever it is needed. In addition to this tool, you will receive Tricia Woolfrey's newsletter about personal development and heath tips and news.  If you choose not to receive these, simply click the "unscubscribe" button.  

Remember, make it specific and personal. Make sure you have a negative emotion in there – you will be work to reduce the level of negative energy so you can be more resourceful.

For example – "I'm really angry with Emma for being late again"

Keep in mind that scripts change according to your circumstances so this script works for this problem as you are experiencing it now.  It may change if your feelings change.  If so, simply repeat this process using a new declaration phrase.  Enjoy!

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DISCLAIMER:  If you have any deep-seated emotional issues, you may want to deal with these first through a qualified therapist before attempting EFT as it can bring things to the surface.